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    Ensure you submit the following documents when               applying:

  1. Application form: only online applications will be accepted.

  2. Application fee proof of payment.

  3. Official transcripts: first year students should               submit their high school diploma (or proof of GED). Transfer students should submit their transcripts with proof of sufficient credits to transfer.

  4. Letter of recommendation: please submit a letter from an art teacher and/or mentor in a relevant field detailing your progress in past years and explaining why you would be a good fit for Bolden.

Application Documents

    As a student enrolling in an arts program, you will need       to submit your artwork for assessment. This is made up       of 3 parts as follows:

  1. Submit 3 pieces of work you have created in the past, as part of your portfolio (photographs of originals are deemed submissible). These must be 100% original pieces created by you and for you. Pieces that are not your intellectual property, i.e. not created by you, created only in part by you, created by you but with intellectual property rights held by someone else, are not submissible.

  2. Prepare a new piece of art around the theme of change. This may be created in any form of media you see fit, such as painting, interactive display, computer graphics, etc. You need only submit a photograph. Support your work with a 500-word essay explaining your idea, and 3 photographs of you in the process of creating your artwork (both you and the artwork must be in full and obvious view of the camera).

  3. The Bolden Academy of Art & Design is an environment that encourages the free spirit of artists, breeds multicultural acceptance and is known for its revolutionary and sometimes challenging alumni who pave the way for artists of the future. Write a 1000-word essay detailing why, and in what way, you would fit into this environment.

Artistic Assessment



To complete this degree and receive a certificate of completion, you will need to amass 115 credits through your 4 years of study. You will also need a 2.0 grade average (cumulative) and a letter of positive conduct from your Head of Department. You can transfer a maximum of 75 credits from another learning institution (must be internationally recognized).


In this program, students will learn about the world of filmmaking. From the basic studies of cinema to full scale analysis of some of the greatest minds in the film world, this course is thrilling from start to finish.

Courses List

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