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Course Description

This field deals with the manner in which messages are visually transmitted and how information goes from the 3D realm to the brain and is translated into emotion. The course will cover the creation of visual stimuli to cause conscious reactions, as well as unconscious reactions to various stimuli. Based on the principles of stimulation, this course is ideal for those who wish to understand the impact of visual stimuli on culture, society and the world.


Herman Robinson, Professor

Sheryl Mclane, Associate Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • The broad scope of visual communication including illustration, photography, typography.

  • Developing critical thinking and gaining an understanding of design methodology as well as the importance of experimentation, creativity and risk taking.

  • Developing skills and knowledge in digital media with a focus on gaining insight into the broad discipline of visual communication.

  • Appreciation of design aesthetics.

  • How to carry out extensive and specific research in visual communications.

Entry Requirements

No entry requirements are needed for this program.


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