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Course Description

This fundamental course provides all of the basics you need to know about draping garments and then sewing them. Draping is one of the most important parts of the sewing process and being able to pin garments in the correct way plays a vital role in the end product. This course teaches it all from the draping on dress form to final product.


Mary Beth Bellevue, Associate Professor

Anatoli Economides, Associate Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • How to drape products including skirts, shirts, dresses, bodices and other types of fashion shapes.

  • Designing, sketching and draping in tandem, and making changes as and when needed.

  • Advanced draping techniques and sewing of the whole dress on a mannequin.

  • Implementation of the full dress on the form and applying the techniques you learn to create the final product.

Entry Requirements

Students who wish to enroll in this course should be well versed in choosing textiles, and in the various types of stitch required to sew them.


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