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Course Description

This program teaches an awareness of the elements and principles in design which are used in all visual design fields, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, industrial design, web design, and fine art. These design principles govern appropriate scale and proportion and even the degree of harmony and balance between elements, and are ideal to learn by those who wish to enter the field of interior or architectural design.


Jerry Ben, Associate Professor

Mario Marguiles, Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • The basic principles of modern design with the terminology that accompanies those.

  • How to apply a theoretical understanding of the principles of design to real life situations.

  • The difference between design principles in all of the major design fields, including interior design, graphic design, fine art, web design and more.

  • Visual communication in its most basic form as applied to modern design principles.

Entry Requirements

No entry requirements are needed for this program.


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