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Course Description

Motion graphics is a comprehensive program that allows you to use graphic design and audiovisuals to create a variety of media. This builds the skills you’ll need to work in a range of creative industries, such as graphic design, advertising, animation, broadcasting, multimedia, games or film.


Jenny Lee, Professor

Min Sung Pan, Teaching Assistant

What You’ll Learn

  • Components of motion graphics and audiovisuals.

  • Planning projects from the pre-production to post-production stages, and structuring the After Effects project.

  • Preparing for animation, basic 2D animation and in the advanced classes, the basics of 3D animation.

  • Typography and titling.

  • Basic modeling and animation with 3D logo animation and rendering.

  • Editing and creating an edit reel.

Entry Requirements

For this program, students must have completed the Drawing/Imaging program, and have access to the relevant software used during the program’s length.


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