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Course Description

This class will uncover the core processes 3D printing and break down the process to make it as simplified as possible. You will be taught the implications of 3D printing for the future of design and manufacturing, and be prepared for in those fields. Along with practical 3D printing experience, you will be taught how to use a critical eye to understand the technology’s advantages and limitations.


Ken Planchett, Associate Professor

Anne-Marie McPhee, Teaching Assistant

What You’ll Learn

  • How to produce a fully functional moving part in a single print.

  • Current and emerging 3D printing applications in the manufacturing field.

  • The advantages and limitations of each form of 3D printing technology.

  • Scenarios in which it is appropriate to use 3D printing technology and how to give recommendations on which form should be used.

  • How to identify opportunities to apply 3D printing technology for time and cost saving.

Entry Requirements

Students must have worked with 2D/3D imaging prior to registering for this program, and have used 3D modelling software.


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