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Course Description

Our Global Industrial Design program prepares students for the world of design, where seemingly contradictory forces make it difficult to understand the impact that globality has on design. This program has all of the basic industrial terms from around the world covered, and you’ll also learn how to apply the theory you learn to more practical skills that can be used in the US context and around the world.


Michelle Saint-Lougre, Associate Professor

Stefano Agliazzoti, Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • Globality and its impact on design both in the US and in major design capitals in Europe and Asia.

  • Terminology, its meaning and how to apply the knowledge of that meaning to practical principles of design.

  • The world at work in industrial design and how this field is working and advancing throughout the globe.

  • Practical skills in industrial design and how these differ from country to country and context to context.

Entry Requirements

Must have passed the Fundamentals of Industrial Design program and have a background in basic math.


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