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Course Description

This course has been specially designed for those who want to acquire specialized knowledge of all the technical skills that are used in filmmaking, such as cinematography, production and more. The aim is to help you become a holistic visual communicator with the skills to understand colors, lighting, placement in the background and foreground, and more. This course offers both a practical and theoretical component.


Shira Ron, Associate Professor

Janet Phelan, Associate Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • Basic film direction, along with cinematography, which includes lighting, lenses, camera operation and camera movements.

  • Sound recording on location including miking and post-production mixing.

  • Editing on non-linear editing systems, with components such as media management, digitizing, cut-to-cut editing, adding transitions and filters, time remapping, final mastering & exporting edited material.

  • Film production and the principles of popular cinema.

Entry Requirements

This program requires students to be well versed in the field of visual communication with both theoretical and practical experience.


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