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Course Description

Starting in the 12th Century, this course outlines some of the major fashion influences from around the world, in particular Europe. This course examines biggest icons from fashion history and critically evaluates how their style, choice of color and textile have created works of art in fashion. This course then progresses into modern fashion design, and even talks through the influence of reality shows in fashion.


Jenna Aprecene, Professor

Gina Louise Lee, Associate Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • How to understand and critically evaluate the cyclicality of fashion and its trends.

  • The process of accumulation of research and inspiration in fashion.

  • How to trace fashion trends in history through a number of eras.

  • How to create original ideas and designs which incorporate historical references.

  • Familiarity with the fashion writings of key style icons.

Entry Requirements

No entry requirements are needed for this program.


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