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Course Description

This course teaches you how to use Photoshop software through immediate practical engagement. You will learn efficient, productive and professional digital imaging along with the skills you need to research, analyse and critique visual art and design mediums, and apply theoretical insights to the development of your own personal creative goals. Through the length of the course, you will participate in discourse, creative experimentation and have the chance to engage with a global community of creative practice.


Matthew Hudgens, Professor

Karen Young, Teaching Assistant

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify and apply practice and theory to the fulfillment of digital imaging production and design tasks.

  • The technical concepts and theories that underpin digital imaging technologies.

  • Critical analysis of visual art and design in relation to theoretical, historical and social contexts.

  • Theoretical analysis and how to apply it to develop your own creative practices.

  • How to apply art and design theory to solve visual communication problems.

Entry Requirements

To enter into this course, you must be able to use basic browsing and email programs, along with a word processing program such as MS Word.


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