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Course Description

Students in this program will learn the essential skills and practices that designers use to create detailed design solutions. You will develop your own ability to identify opportunities for design, meet the needs of users and create & communicate new design solutions. You will also learn how to use this knowledge in application in the real world.


Hannah Bloom, Associate Professor

Debbie Richards, Teaching Assistant

What You’ll Learn

  • Why designs take the forms that they do and how to break through these conventions to create original work.

  • How to create and develop design ideas through drawing and modelling.

  • How to carry out user research and apply creative strategies to design idea generation.

  • How to turn ideas into detailed designs and then pass those into the manufacturing process by specifying the form and materials of designs.

Entry Requirements

This program’s entry requirements are lengthy and those students with no prior credits in any other program will need to consult their HoD before applying.


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