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Course Description

A must for all those interested in the fields of graphic design, art, photography and all those involved in the visual arts, this program covers all aspects of color and light perception such as hue, lightness and chroma, brightness and saturation, visual perception of colour, mixing paints, and additive and subtractive colour mixing.


Jayden Ferreira, Associate Professor

Maurice Freund, Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • Identifying fundamental color concepts including hue, saturation, value, and intensity.

  • How to create color harmonies based on connections of the color wheel.

  • How to create color studies that illustrate specific types of color combinations.

  • Using color interactions to control how elements move forward or fade back in a design layout.

  • Identifying the primary colors of light and pigment and how these colors are formed on screen and in print.

  • Creating a color palette, applying it to design, and evaluating color effectiveness.

Entry Requirements

Students who wish to enroll in this program must have a beginner’s knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and a computer with internet connection.


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