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Course Description

This course provides a foundation to the design of the environment from the scale of the object, to the building to the larger territory. You’ll have the opportunity to study urbanism and landscape in the context of the larger influence of the arts and sciences. Through lectures and design exercises, you will also have the chance to establish a reference for understanding the discipline of architecture and environmental design.


Mary Michaels, Professor

Kerry Lee Meentz, Associate Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • How to evaluate built environments in practical workshops with the tools you need to develop analytical skills and methods.  

  • Principles of modern environmental design through practical experimentation and the balance of energy, environment and buildings.

  • Theory and history of architecture and environmental design.

  • Environmental and energy modelling with the help of a range of software programs.

  • Exploration of advanced topics in the context of research application.

Entry Requirements

Math and physics are essential for this program.


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