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Course Description

On completion of this course, you will have the skills to use computational techniques in architecture, while understanding and predicting the consequences of your design actions. This will be through computational processes, which you will also use to integrate your predictions into the design process, and carry out self-sufficient research into new methods and processes in this field.


Rory M. Lodge, Associate Professor

Sun Yin Mee, Visiting Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • Computational design skills that can be applied at the highest levels of architecture, design, research and industry.

  • Scientific research that has the potential to change the way the built environment is designed, constructed and used.

  • Making predictions in the world of architecture and integrating them into the creating of physical 3D structures.

Entry Requirements

​​Students must have basic computer skills and have passed the E305 Computer Literacy exam, as well as the M107 Math exam.


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