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Course Description

This program draws on the analytical and practical modes of inquiry, recognizing the increasing importance of design in the 21st century. You’ll have the opportunity to acquire a critical understanding of design and its complex intersections with the present and future, along with the skills to consider design as a cross-disciplinary endeavor. You’ll also be taught the value of social change through design.


June Vanessa Suarez, Professor

Roxy Manson, Associate Professor

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create and understand the various discourses in design and apply their thinking to the modern design world.

  • Design principles and methodologies from the modern world and how they have been impacted by principle of the past.

  • Research methodology and the critical analytical skills needed to identify which past design disciplines are influencing current modern design.

  • The ability to compare and contrast designs from multiple eras and critically analyze those.

Entry Requirements

Anyone who wishes to enroll in this course must have completed Intro to Design Studies, as well as the History of Design program.


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